rem·i·nisc·ing and fore·cast·ing

I  was looking at these pictures on LuLu La Tartine Gourmande and tears came to my eyes. Made me think of my time with son back in Germany when it was just him and I in my small beautiful apartment, I came home from the hospital looked around the house looked down at him with tears in my eyes and his eyes told me that everything was going to be ok and it was like God speaking to me. Now he is 9 years old with his father in Alabama and I am in Qatar so many miles away. I miss him so much I don’t want to take him from his father and I sure don’t want to move back to the states. Sighhhhh. For now I will continue to let him know how much I love him and when I am in the states spend every minute with him.

I pray some day I can have another child and I pray that the father and I will be together to raise the child under the same roof in a loving home.

You criticize me for wanting to get married and have a family, this is something my heart wants nothing to do with society or biological clock ticking its just something that Marie wants and I no longer feel guilty for wanting this; and I pray that God will give this to me.

One thought on “rem·i·nisc·ing and fore·cast·ing

  1. Awe Marie, whose criticizing you? Don’t let anyone should on you and try not to should on others. You and only you know your heart’s desire, and only you can manifest it. This post saddened me….you seem a bit sad lately. I hope all is well. Remember to hug yourself today. PLL, C.

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