Good Intentions=Healing Medicine

This morning I read this email from the Universe
“it’s not possible to significantly change your life, for better or for worse, by manipulating the material world. Not by working harder, not by studying longer, not by schmoozing, not by sweating, not by fasting, not by the hair of your chinny chin chin.

But great change is inescapable when you first begin manipulating the world of your thoughts.

Thinking of you, …”

Then my best friend texted me about her current love triangle situation, and it got me to thinking about, how we truly do have all the means in all the entire universe to change our situations with just a simple thought and good intentions.

Looking up the definition of intention, I preferably would go with the second meaning (medicine, healing) when applying it to the areas of my life that are in need of change.

  1. a thing intended; an aim or plan:
    “she was full of good intentions” ·
    “Ukraine and Kazakhstan have both declared their intention to be nuclear-free”
  2. medicine
    the healing process of a wound. See first intention, second intention.

Lucid dreaming

What she didn’t realize was that her life was about to take a major turn for the best. She would be able to do what she loved the most and also raise her newborn child without sacrificing one or the other. She had been living with her father for over two year, living life just to work and get paid, but not doing what brought her joy. She had stopped writing for some years and didn’t know when the next time she would be able to travel, due to her lack of income and current lifestyle. What she didn’t know was that writing and traveling was just on the horizon for her, and she would be living her dream very soon.

This didn’t mean that she wouldn’t face trials and tribulations in life, it meant she would be responsible for making sure that others knew it was possible to live out their dreams, and it would be times where she herself would have to offer a helping hand, inspire others, just as she had been given by others during tough times on her journey. She would continue to grow as a spiritual human being, face hard times, which would build character, gaining knowledge, while walking her path.

Registered Love

These memories and thoughts of him
race through my mind like hot boiling lava
stirring up heated passionate emotions inside my heart.
Spilling over causing a beautiful mess within me.

I will not dare to attempt to clean these vibrant colors
from my world. No more shame for how his love, his
existence lives within me; causing joy, pain, and ecstasy.
No more fighting these emotions, I will dance in my

tears, smearing up greens, reds, and golden pieces
from our hearts. Allowing this divine journey amongst the stars
experienced between two hearts drumming on one accord to
be without ownership.

This is what causes the heated, passionate, emotions, to boil over like lava
melting me into a star.

signed: bright light warrior nika